Quantum Mind Power: Shaping Your Reality

Energy WorldQuantum physics, the science that once considered to be a weird subject that only scientists and mind junkies could understand has now gaining acceptance from ordinary folks like you and me, particular with the launch of movies like “The Secret” and “What’s The Bleep Do We Know Down The Rabbit Hole”. But how many of us really understand the science of quantum physics, the subject that explains every existence in this world, the entire universe to be exact?

One of the messages that quantum physics trying to bring out is that reality is not as what it is perceived as on the surface. Reality is not completely out there, it is inside you and you constantly shape your reality with the workings of your mind. The world that you experience is always in aligned with what you have in your mind, nothing more and nothing less and it changes along as you observe it. Mind you, this is not science fiction and we have talked about this in Mind Power through Quantum Physics.

First we need to understand the basic building block of the universe, quantum. Quantum as it name suggests is the smallest unit ever existed and therefore is an indivisible entity of energy (exp. proton, neutron and electron). Quanta (plural for quantum) are packets of this subatomic energy that grouped together. One of the weird but interesting facts about quanta is its dualistic nature; they are waves and particles, mass and non-mass, matter and non-matter, all at the same space and time.

“Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.”

~ The Buddha

The dualistic nature of quanta makes it possible that it only appears when being observed. The act of observation brings it into life, from nothingness into something. This might be weird but think about this, even the space that you are living now is not quite empty as it might appear; it is almost completely filled with waves and energy that your senses fail to detect because quanta are literally there and not there, both at the same time.

Remember quanta are waves and particles at the same space and time and your observation somehow determines what it already is.

So in order for quanta to become matter, there must be an observer involved because human consciousness (mind) has the power to collapse the pure potential (quanta) into matter. Theoretically, the consciousness is where you and the quantum world meet because the mind is always in tune with the energy side of quanta. To even more bizarre, the real or actual world is the quantum world; the physical world is just the effect of what’s happening in the quantum level.

You see the reality as real because your brain that functions as a quantum machine creates your world through the five basic senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. It even interprets it much like a hologram where you can feel and navigate (the 3-dimensional effect). While your brain continues to keep you in the 3-dimensional world, your mind and the quantum energy are always in contact, simultaneously. In other words, you are stepping into two worlds at the same time namely, the physical and the energy or quantum world that are always synchronizing with each other. And to be aware of living in two worlds all the time is what they call enlightenment.

Now, can the mind change or influence the arrangement of quanta before it is collapsed into physical form? In a much simpler and concerned term, can we change what comes into our life; can we alter, completely, our reality and experience?

The answer is yes. As has been mentioned the quantum world is the actual world; the physical world is just the effect that you feel or get out of what happens in the energy world. Rearranging the energy ‘there’ will unquestionably rearrange your physical world. Change the cause and you change the effect. The mind or consciousness communicates directly with quanta; it actually directs quanta, and quanta responds precisely and entirely, without reluctance or delay, to the instructions of the mind.

Observation is the key to defining the wave-particle as a single entity and consciousness alone is responsible for the collapses of the wave-particle. As unbelievable as it might sound, without consciousness, everything would exist only as undefined, potential packets of energy or pure potential. The more consciousness you have, the more potential you have to create

..and that’s Quantum Mind Power being employed because your mind is the key to reality.

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  2. Anna Goldstein on May 29th, 2009 7:17 am

    You thoughts stem from what you believe to be true. Sometimes to believe it you must see it – that’s why visualization tools are helpful. On the flip side, to see it you must believe it. To get what you want, the most important part of your mind is your belief system.


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    Verry interesting info.
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    Wonderful article on mind reality!. Thanks for enlightening with quanta phenomenon.

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