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There are lots of books and materials written on the subject of the power of your subconscious mind. The subconscious as in most success books and literature, is said to hold the key to your successes and failures. Every opportunity and disaster that you encounter in life is predetermined by your subconscious. In fact, more than 95% of your behaviors are not conscious, they are the results of the influences your subconscious has over you.

You can only consciously direct your life and action at about only 5% of most of the time, everything else is on autopilot. So if you can find a way to influence or make your subconscious mind to work with you instead of against you, you can pretty much do anything that you desire. The subconscious is unstoppable once you get it right, and mastering this mind equals to mastering your life.

You can put it this way, the real muscle behind your mind is the subconscious and it exerts its controls over every aspect of your life, be it physical and mental. Just like the director of a film, the subconscious mind is always working behind the scene, directing your thought and actions in the way that it wants you to go. Your subconscious is the real driver behind the vehicle of your human vessel and it always goes to the destination that it thinks you want to go and mind you, obviously it may not be your real goal.

Now can you understand why you always cannot do the things that you want or achieving the goal of your life? Are you sabotaging your life?

That’s the reason why.

Now, how can you reach to the deepest level of your subconscious so that you can have influence over it? In case if you are not aware, the subconscious stays in the alpha; the consciousness where you are in at your most relax state. You normally reach this state as soon as you wake up in the morning or just before you fall into sleep at night – it is just the time before you are 100 percent conscious.

One way to connect to you to the alpha is through brainwave entrainment program. It tunes your brain into this level of consciousness without any force and effort. Just put on the headphones and you are on your way. By the way, you can also do it without such program because meditation alone is sufficient.

However, most people who are just into the practice of meditation have one common problem; they have this ‘restless noise’ playing in their mind in loop. In such case, entering the alpha is not possible because when the mind is not quite, the subconscious will not emerge. That’s why there is a saying, “When the conscious retires, the subconscious roams the world!”

Breakthrough technology in mental science has enable scientists and researchers to come out with brainwave entrainment program where it quite the mind effortlessly and leads it into just any level that you desire. One of the best brainwave program available today is Quantum Mind Power the “Morry Method” and you can read a comprehensive critical review at Quantum Mind Power Review.

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